Personal Assistants

Personal assistants are responsible for working in the employer’s home in the management of household, personal, and professional needs.

Our personal assistants have excellent managerial, communication and interpersonal skills, understand protocol and etiquette and have the ability to organize and prioritize multiple activities. Some personal assistants have a Bachelor’s degree in addition to professional experience in a corporate setting.

Typical duties of a Personal Assistant include:

  • Handling the bills
  • Making travel arrangements, and often traveling with the employer.
  • Serving as office assistant, handling correspondence, creating inventories, organizing the office and handling media inquiries.
  • Planning special events and parties
  • Managing construction projects or home improvements.
  • Scheduling of staff and maintenance personnel.
  • Coordinating personal schedules and daily activities
  • Running business and personal errands
  • Maintaining social and philanthropic activities.