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We are Lexington Nannies and Household Staffing!

With twelve years of experience providing our household staffing services to families throughout Southern California, the San Francisco Bay area, and select cities throughout the country, Lexington Nannies and Household Staffing has been fortunate to have earned the opportunity to work with many amazing families over the years.Our unique approach to staffing ensures that all of your household needs are not only met, but that your expectations are always exceeded. Through a boutique-style, highly individualized placement process, we are able to perfectly match each family with nannies, newborn care specialists, housekeepers, private chefs, personal assistants, and more. At Lexington Nannies and Household Staffing, we take tremendous pride in our unmatched ability to staff all homes with employees who are experts in their field, and love what they do.

Brooke Barousse

Brooke is passionate about helping families. For the past 12 years, she has helped place hundreds of nannies and household staff members with families throughout the United States. She has been affectionately been called “The Family Matchmaker” because of her ability to communicate a family’s needs to household support staff, and to find the perfect fit for both parties.

She understands the unique relationship families have with those who work inside their home. Not only is it one of the most trusted positions a person can have, it is one that has the potential to be the glue that keeps things running smoothly, efficiently and happily, both in raising joyful, supported children, and in keeping a clean and well-run household.

Her previous experience at a Household staffing agency, a boutique corporate staffing office, as well as the proud owner of a non-toxic cleaning service, have given her the insight and background to problem solve and be a resource for clients, and truly understand the requirements of caring for the most precious things in their lives; their children and their homes.